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"Imagine and dream. Then the world will change to how you want it to be." - NWH

This isn’t Chen, it’s Infinite’s Sungyeol during their OGS in Dubai concert on 131206…

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he world ends with you

↳ week  three

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[SELLING] 1 Ticket for OGS Los Angeles

It’s an electronic ticket so I will email it to you. :)


$125 + PayPal Fees OBO

Please email me at if you are interested. I’m selling for less than what it costs with AXS’ fees ($139).

41/1000 INFINITE randomness.

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Fun party trick: put Skittles and M&M’s in the same bowl, wait for someone to grab a handful.

you can go fuck yourself

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Is Sungyeollie jealous?

The fan actually says “Can you say ‘I love B.A.P.’?” which prompts Sungyeol’s reaction. The question gets repeated and Sungyeol ignores it to focus on the other fans.

It’s one thing to bring up another group, but it’s a whole other level of rude to treat him like he’s some sort of parrot. He’s a person, not some English-speaking novelty. He obviously understands and speaks the language with some degree of fluency so why not try and hold a conversation with him, rather than try get him to say things for your fancams. I’m not surprised he looked offended, honestly.

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Went Goat shopping today..
This baby girl claimed me as her own before I could even decide.

oh my god oh my god

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Magi in Harajuku style!  i feel so happy for using color with thinking much ! Be free and fun to doodle on this way.! i want to full fill my new sketch book<3


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infinite's gentleman (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

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아..사진…헐…….나 모자이크좀 해주실분 왜 이제발견했을고…벌받았다..ㅠ흑

Ah… the picture… heol……. Is there someone that could mosaic me

Why did I only notice it now…. I have been punished… ㅠ sob

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130428 - Twitter - Sungyeol


반올림 30살 의 귀요미 규님 생신축하드립다 이제 나이도 나이인만큼 한가지 간청이 있사옵니다! 소인 아뢰옵기 황송하오나 이제 귀여운건 자제 하여 주시옵소서 ..그럼 성은이 망극하옵니다


I congratulate the birthday of the cutie Gyu-nim who is 30 years old if you round up

Now since your age is just as much at the point, I have something to ask of you!

Although I am grateful for you, sir, please refrain from doing cute things now… These are my royal favors

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Drawn: 04-26-2013
Using: PSCS6/bambooCREATE

This took longer than needed, glad its finished though. I have yet to play this game. I am saddened by this aspect but i’ve been watching walkthroughs of the game and I still get the feels for this series’ great expansive story.

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